Performance Coaching by 2xOlympic Medalist, Katherine Adamek

Katherine uses her decades of experience as a world class coach and athlete to teach the mental, physical, and nutritional skills necessary to improve performance.  

Simple skills like communication and body language are essential to getting the most out of coaching. Better coaching leads to faster improvement. Faster improvement leads to a new level of performance.

More complex skills like focus, resilience, and managing emotions can create or destroy any opportunity for success. Executives, athletes, and coaches alike struggle to perform under pressure. Performance Coaching bridges the gap between what to do and how to do it.


Performance Mindset Coaching, What is It?

Performance Mindset Coaching combines the latest research in Neuroscience and Sports Psychology. Clients develop Performance Mindset through ongoing instruction, daily practices, and practical application. Coaching is highly personalized to develop the specific skills needed to improve performance.

Skills Include:

  • Responding to Emotions

  • Teamwork

  • Sleep and Recovery

  • Performance

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Resiliency

  • Process Orientation


Why Train Your Mindset?

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What's Included


All Training includes a 60 day introductory to the curriculum, 120 days of ongoing education, 10 hours of personalized instruction to be done in-person or over the phone, daily practices on the Vision Pursue app, and free access to the VP app for 1 year (a $120 value).

Types of Coaching


Group Coaching

  • Presentations of VP concepts in a group format

  • Implement group assessment tracking to track impact

  • Develop Performance Mindset™ for individuals within high performing teams and organizations

(1-1) Performance Coaching

  • Tailor the training and app to individual needs

  • Implement independent assessment tracking to track impact

  • Create and maintain a mental edge through ongoing development of Performance Mindset™

Leadership Consultation

  • Tactically apply the principles to actual work and life situations

  • Ongoing assessments to track impact over time

  • Determine the most effective and efficient way to create and maintain a Performance Mindset™ culture

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