What is Leadership Consultation?

Leadership Consultation is for leaders who want to develop a culture of Performance Mindset for their team. Just as athletes struggle to keep a positive and productive mindset in the face of stress, fatigue, and pressure; coaches must maintain a positive and productive mindset while managing performance, logistics, politics, and expectations.

Consultation includes an analysis of values, culture, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Sessions are held in a private, semi-private, or small group setting. Timing varies based on individual needs, but is done on a consistent and ongoing basis to ensure client success.

Sessions are highly interactive and personalized to each client. Development and maintenance of Performance Mindset Culture includes continual assessment, review, evaluation, collaboration, and future planning along with daily practices and practical application of performance strategies.

  • Tactically apply the principles to actual work and life situations

  • Ongoing assessments to track impact over time

  • Determine the most effective and efficient way to create and maintain a Performance Mindset™ culture

Who should consider leadership consultation?

  • Corporate Teams
  • Pro Sports Teams
  • Semi-Pro Sports Teams

Benefits of leadership consultation:

  • Teaching executives and coaching how to positively impact their team by sharing specific strategies to improve performance 
  • Development of leadership, communication (verbal and non-verbal), structure and buy in

leadership consultation group sizes:

  • 1-10
  • This could be a head coach looking to develop communication skills or a staff of high-performance executives looking to develop a culture of Performance Mindset™ for their team

When should someone consider this service?

  • When there's a disconnect between what is needed physically and mentally in order to see improvement

leadership consultation includes:

  • Assessment of weakness within the team/organization
  • Personalized coaching plan to create solutions, specific examples and homework to develop weakness into strengths
  • Ongoing coaching (to be done in person or over the phone) that includes:
    • Assessment
    • Data tracking
    • Trouble Shooting
    • New Skills
  • Personalized practices to challenge ongoing development of Performance Mindset™