Why Mindset Training is Right For YOU

Lots of people are confused about Mindset Training. What is it...? And why is right for you?

Mindset is how your automatic brain experiences the world. This is called Default Mindset.

Humans have 30,000-40,000 automatic thoughts per day. These are not thoughts that we choose and they may not even be helpful. Random thoughts pop into our heads all day long with or without permission. These are called Auto-Thoughts.

Auto-Thoughts lead to what is called the Default Mindset. Examples of the Default Mindset include: trouble focusing, a hard time falling asleep, low energy, low emotional resilience, and a tough time committing to healthy habits. The opposite of the Default Mindset is called Performance Mindset.

Performance Mindset the state of mind that allows us to feel focused, energized, motivated, alive, and engaged.

Performance Mindset Training is a 10-week curriculum designed to help you Fix Your Mindset. Users report aa 35% reduction in stress, a 26% reduction in boredom and monotony, and a 99% increase in the amount of time spent feeling good without escape activities. 

Please CONTACT ME for more information about Mindset Training, what the curriculum entails, and how it can help you master your process as you work to achieve your goals.