All Coaching Includes


A 60 day introductory to the curriculum, 120 days of ongoing education, 8-10 hours of personalized instruction to be done in-person or over the phone, daily practices on the Vision Pursue app, and free access to the VP app for 1 year (a $120 value).


Types of Coaching


  • Presentations of VP concepts in a group format

  • Implement group assessment tracking to track impact

  • Develop performance Mindset for individuals with high performing teams and organizations

(1-1) Performance Coaching

  • Tailor the training and app to individual needs

  • Implement independent assessment tracking to track impact

  • Create and maintain a mental edge through ongoing development of Performance Mindset

Leadership Consultation

  • Tactically apply the principles to actual work and life situations

  • Ongoing assessments to track impact over time

  • Determine the most effective and efficient way to create and maintain a Performance Mindset culture